Infant Nutrition/ Milk Powder for baby upto 6 months

Mother’s milk is best for the baby – there is no equivalent replacement. But, unfortunately, there are occasions where people may have to depend on infant nutrition products. In many cases, due to the busy life schedules nowadays or due to health conditions or sometimes naturally, few mothers were unable to feed the breast milk to the baby.

In such scenarios, there are some products available in the market which can be used as a good substitute. However, please ensure to get medical advise from a doctor prior to buying any of these products. 

We have used Nestle Nan Pro 1 infant formula (see below) for our baby as per the recommendation from the doctor. I searched about the product in Google and noted that it is a highly rated product. From our experience, our baby liked the product.

If you are one of those parents looking for a breast milk alternative, please check the product. As mentioned earlier, please also take advice from your doctor prior to the purchase. 

We have also used Nan Pro 2 (after 6 months), Nan Pro 3 (after 12 months) and Nan Pro 4 (after 18 months) for our baby.